Sigma - a cost-effective and innovative learning experience for Internationally Educated Health Professionals!

The internationally educated health professionals (IEHPs) community in Canada encounters insurmountable challenge of navigating the Canadian assessment and licensing process. The process is not streamlined across all the provinces and there is no proper learning solution that help them achieve their career objectives. As Canada is attracting highly skilled health professionals from around the world through its immigration system, it is critical to provide them with the tools necessary to succeed. Capstone IT Development Inc. understands the need of the IEHPs and is committed to strategically prepare them through a comprehensive e-learning environment. The solution equips them in their assessment, credentialing, licensing exams preparation, transitioning to Canadian health system and continuing education. This comprehensive e-learning solution is developed by industry experts having throrough understanding of the respective province's assessment and licensing process. IEHPs will access a single web portal that will help them develop competencies and prepare them to practice in the Canadian health system.

Sigma - e-learning solution helps IEHPs such as Physicians, Dentists, Nurses, Medical Lab Technicians, Phamacists, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists. The solution is tailored based on the provincial licensing board to meet the need of the IEHPs. The learning plan is structured with online courses, videos, critical thinking, exams, quizzes, webinars, instructor led sessions, blogs, forums, discussion groups and one-one session with industry experts. The IEHPs is no longer required to take expensive courses and/or spend several years in their credentialing process. A low cost solution is all that is needed for them to Dream big and Succeed!

Sigma - e-learning solution will benefit thousands of IEHPs whose career is on hold due to the complex credentialing system across various provincial boards. The e-learning portal will allow government agencies to better assess the success of IEHPs and their transition into the Canadian health system.

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